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Summer Hosting

Summer weather brings out some kind of laziness around it. Gone are the days of cooking in the kitchen since it seems to overheat the house, especially on humid days. I find we definitely fire up the Barbecue more often and we tend to eat more salads.

It’s also easier to put together an impromptu backyard get together. A few weeks ago, on the weekend, we hosted a family gathering to celebrate my oldest son’s 6th grade graduation. Hard to believe my baby will be dealing with junior high and all that it entails. It seems like a bit of a passage — from child to young adult.

I kept the menu light with empanadas, tortilla and some cold salads. These are quick things to make — ok, except for the empanadas but you could swap that for burgers. However, I made these flowers which are super easy to put together … even your kids could do it…. and they look fantastic on your table!

Bocconcini Flowers

Cherry tomatoes
Basil leaves

I like to use the longer skewers but you can definitely use shorter ones, or even toothpicks.

First thread a cherry tomato, then a basil leave, then the bocconcini. That’s it!
Just some pointers, when you put the bocconcini, don’t pierce the skewer all the way so that it looks more authentic. Also, curl the basil leaves a little upwards.

Put them in a vase and serve them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip them in.

Buen Provecho!


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