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‘Tis The Season…

Is it me or has this year gone by extremely quickly? Christmas is just over 4 weeks away and I shudder at the thought. I will admit though that I’ve been pretty organized this year. I only have immediate family gifts to buy. All gifts for the extended family are bought and wrapped. I think this is in part to becoming more comfortable with online shopping, and the fact that if I saw something that would be appropriate, I would pick it up.

The house decorating has begun. I like to have my house decorated one month prior to the big day, so typically by the 24th, a good chunk of the holiday stuff is up. Since my daughter celebrates her birthday on the 1st, I leave putting up the tree and the bigger items to later on in the month.

One of my favourite part of the holiday season is the advent calendar. We do it every
year and the kids really enjoy it. This year my oldest asked me if we were going to do it because for his birthday he received a chocolate one and the lego advent calendar. In true mom form, I answered the question with a question: “Do you want to keep doing that?” My answer was a resounding YES!

So, after much thought, here’s a list of our activities this year, in no particular order.

        Make edible Christmas trees
        Let’s go buy our tree!
        Go visit Santa
        Shop for gifts for other children (Toy Mountain)
        Unwrap a book to read
        Have hot cocoa and cookies
        Open your special ornament and put in on your tree
        Make a craft with Mom
        Write a letter to Santa
        Make Christmas cookies
        Go to the church to admire the nativity scene
        Go sledding (if weather permits)
        Have a family Christmas movie night with treats
        Make a giant floor painting
        Make cookies and deliver to the neighbours
        Decorate our tree
        Take a Ride on the Polar Express
        Family game night
        Take turns reading Christmas stories
        Chocolate hunt
        Paper snowflake making
        Watch a Christmas movie
        Decorate cookies
                   Read the story about the birth of Jesus

I always have a few backup ones just in case. Let me know if you will be doing the same at your place!


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